Oak Smoking Wood Chunks
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Oak Smoking Wood Chunks

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"Spicer's ships amazing quality wood, along with large quantity as well. I've ordered the Hickory and Oak. I will forever be ordering from Spicer's. Keep up the great work, which includes amazing customer service and super fast shipping" -Brian 


Oak is our most popular type of wood, and for good reason! Oak is the most versatile wood and it pairs well with everything from chicken to wild game, and everything in between. If you have not tried cooking with Oak yet, now is the time to fix that!

Our Smoking Wood Chunks are cut down to 3-4 Inches, making them the perfect size for Kettle Grills, Drums, Electric Smokers, and charcoal grills!

We know that speedy delivery is important, so we always do everything possible to have your order fulfilled the next business day!