Slow Smoked Corn

I wanted to try a new Cinco De Mayo Recipe this year, and I found one that did not disappoint. Smoked Corn is extremely easy, and also very cheap! This is a recipe I will be recycling many times over thanks to how good it was. I plan to work some smoked corn into upcoming recipes as well!

Smoked Corn with Redfish Magic before going on the Oklahoma Joe Bronco

As far as time goes this took maybe 15 minutes to prepare and an 1 hour on the smoker. Hard to find anything much simpler than that.

To start you take ears of corn, de-husk them and take all the silks off. After that I hit them with a coat of light mayonnaise. This helps the seasoning to stick, and helps to keep the corn from drying out. If you do not like mayonnaise do not worry, you will not notice it in the end. I seasoned this with Blackened Redfish Magic to give them a little bit of a kick. A sweeter Barbecue seasoning would have been very good as well I think I will try that next time!

After you got them prepped just throw them on the smoker! These were on for about an hour at 250 and they came out perfect. Not dry or chewy at all, but easy to eat, and delicious!

There you have it! Easy and delicious. Looking forward to doing some more cooking soon, but the rain has not been cooperating with me. That said, if there are any cuts of meat or any recipes in particular you'd like to see, reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram and I will make it happen!

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